An online booking and management system for MOTs

What is WebMOTs?

WebMOTs is the easy and affordable bookings system for Garages to book MOTs Online. Make block bookings when MOTs are not available.

We take the hard work out of setting up and maintaining an online bookings system and could have you up and running in just a few hours.

There's no need for specialist expertise or computer hardware. Our fully managed service means all you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

Prices are normally £10 per MOT bay per month.
Full pricing details are shown below.

✓ Manage your MOT bookings online from any device 24/7

✓ No upfront investment in hardware or software

✓ Client reminders assures repeat business

✓ Database created with all client's details

✓ Opportunity for email marketing

✓ Assign multiple cars to clients

✓ Payments taken online

✓ Can be integrated onto your website

✓ Client data encrypted for total security

Some of the Features we can offer

  • 24/7 Online Service

    Your customers will be able to book MOTs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of their home computer or phone.

    Online Bookings for less

    Low all-inclusive monthly fee. No upfront investment in hardware or server costs necessary. We maintain your data on a secure server with a track record of 99.99% uptime.

    Clean Interfaces

    Both the customer and staff interfaces are quick and easy to use without training. You can use any web browser to make and manage bookings. The pages are responsive so can be used on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

  • Reception Bookings

    The WebBookings system is fast and simple enough for a busy garage reception, it also allows you to track no-shows, payments and arrears, if relevant.

    Online payments

    Users can pay for MOTs through our system. Your company would need to setup an account with either WorldPay or GoCardless.

    Text Messaging

    Users can receive booking confirmations, cancellations, and reserve notifications on their mobile phones via SMS. You can also send messages to different groups, e.g. the entire customer base, certain customer types, all bookings for that day or individuals. Each message costs 7p.

  • Security

    All login details are encrypted for the safety of all our users.


    In addition to the user and reception interfaces, Administrators can do everything from creating and cancelling bookings to settings up block bookings. They can add/edit members' details, produce usage reports, send global emails, change customer types and change setup options.

    Message Board

    Post updates and news about the company for the convenience of your users. Global emails and SMS are available to help spread the word.

✓ Clients receive email confirmations of bookings

✓ Clients can view available bookings online

✓ Clients can be given unique log in details to make their own bookings

✓ Clients receive email or SMS reminders of upcoming MOT

✓ Clients can rest assured they will not be driving without an MOT!

Portfolio Item

Individual Bookings

Individual Bookings, reserves the slot and locks out the MOT bay from other users.

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Emails and SMS

Never forget an MOT. Booking confirmation and reminders can be sent for each MOT.

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Online Payments

Customers can pay online and you can keep a track of income through online reports.

Pricing List

Setup Costs Monthly Fees
Bookings Free £10 - Standard ?£10 per MOT bay
Online Payments Free £10 ?Garage needs to obtain an account with WorldPay or GoCardless
*All Prices Excluding VAT

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